Pray for revival..

“Nothing is impossible with God… but with prayer, everything is possible”

If you are able to, come and join us at 10:15 am every Sunday to pray for the church and our community, ask God to come and fill each empty pew with people, touch every heart that walks into our church, break dividing walls and bring people in, enable us to reach out into our neighbourhood and share God’s love with them.. Pray for revival.. as the song suggests:


We’re looking to Your promise of old,

That if we pray and humble ourselves

You will come and heal our land

We’re looking to the promise You made

That if we turn and look to Your face

You will come and heal our land

You will come to us

Lord, send revival, start with me

For I am one of unclean lips

And my eyes have seen the King

Your glory I have glimpsed

Send revival, start with me

Written by: Matt Redman

Copyright© 1997 Thankyou Music

CCLI Number: 2297208


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