SOLID 2017 – a review from Paula

Solid 17

Solid 17 was excellent. Some of our Limitless group joined hundreds of others and 2 other local Red Balloon Family groups from nearby churches. It was lovely to see some friendships formed between them.

The really exciting things was that God moved in power drawing many to invite Jesus into their lives and the Holy Spirit moved powerfully; it was a privilege to see young people doing serious business with God. The theme of the weekend was Jesus The Way, The Truth and The Life.

The event was jointly organised between Red Balloon, The Diocese of Chelmsford, Hope UK and Scripture Union. It took place over the weekend at Stubber’s Adventure Centre.  This was a nice safe place offering good camping facilities as well as excellent sports, water and climbing activities, all included in the very reasonable price. There were quieter art, drama and dance workshops available on the Saturday afternoon too.

Worship and teaching sessions topped and tailed each day and were streamed for active learners in “Jump In” where there was time to engage in craft, reading and prayer activities to unpack the message and “Expect” for more reflective learners which focussed more on singing and preaching, although the method of preaching was very accessible and engaging. It was a delight to see Tabitha and Tarun in the Jump In worship group.

The “Jump In” Tent

Some Creative work

A time to focus..

It was Christmas time..

Worship with Sam Daniel

The Worship Band












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