Harvest Café Church – an update

Here’s what we have to report:

As always we started with food and drinks. Ben welcomed everyone to café church and we sang Who’s the king of the jungle.  

Then Ben lead the introduction with the children given clues to different animals that they had to find hidden in the hall. 

Caroline then asked Murielle to name something’s she was thankful for and Caroline asked 1 person on each table to thank God for something.  

This was followed by a powerful testimony by Ade.

The sketch was about Caroline being unable to sleep and God talking to her…

Ben gave a wonderful reflection on how we are blessed by God…

Elise lead us in prayer to thank God for all he provides and to pray for those less fortunate than us 

We closed by singing Our God is greater and a short Blessing from Ben.


Caroline’s dream:


Caroline – who’s there?  

God – it’s God …. why are you upset? 

Caroline – things are not going well for me at the moment I worry about paying the bills etc. 

God – but why are you so worried ? Do the birds in the trees worry? Did I not free my people from slavery and give them the promised land? Can I not do the same for you 

Caroline – I know Lord but I can’t help but worry. 

God – you should put your trust in me for your own needs. I was with you before you were born and I will never leave you and will help you through this.

Caroline – How lord? 

God – trust in me and believe me you can pay your bills. Stop worrying and it will be ok 

Caroline – but I have so many other things I want 

God – but are they what you need? 

Caroline – no but it’s nice to have other things as well 

God  I know but you need to be happy with what you have. There are many in this world who have less than you and are happy!

Caroline – I will try but it would be nice to have more once in a while I…

God – when the harvest is brought in and the food stored there is enough for everyone but those who want more than they need take from the share of others who then go short 

Caroline – I think I understand if I have enough for my needs but take more someone will go without…

God – that’s correct, but if you are happy with what you need then sometimes you will find that you have more and it’s how you use that extra that can truly bless you 

Caroline – how do I do that? 

God – give to those less fortunate than yourself. Give with all your heart and I will pour my Blessings upon you. It’s not just about giving to others but how you give. Many give from their abundance but give to be seen and make a show of it. That is done to receive selfish praise. When you give quietly, then you praise me. 

Caroline – I understand now when we share our gifts from you with others but don’t seek man’s praises for doing so, we are doing it for your glory. That’s when we find that you bless us with all we need!

God – you got it!

Caroline – Amen.










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