An awesome service with the Bishop of Barking

What an awesome service with the Bishop of Barking, Bishop Peter!

If you missed it, here’s a summary of what we heard from him on Sunday, 21st January 2018.


We only understand what happened in our past but we are called to live for the future..

We are to follow: and that means


– how far are you from the leader, our Lord?
– Are you ahead of him at times
– Are you looking at Him?

Apprenticeship – What is yours to do

– where is God calling you to go?
– It could be to do something Big or Small
– Who do you need to be a friend to?
– What will you be doing tomorrow at 10:30am.. for instance

Disturbing – Jesus disturbs you

– But It’s ok – God knows what he is doing
– How is he disturbing you
– Jesus got disturbed when he was here on earth as a human being.
– It costs – a sacrifice – what’s yours?

You can’t change the future unless you disturb the present

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