Our Mission Weekend – An update

Glory to God! We had an amazing weekend, both blessed by people, volunteers, great weather and most of all, all God’s blessings. It was wonderful to see so many people come out of their homes to join in the fun. There were games and food, fun and fellowship… and God’s word was being proclaimed loud and clear through out the estate. We had inspirational talks and Christian music playing all day and we truly believe that seeds have been sowed. God is at work amongst us and he is doing great and marvellous things in the midst of us. It is exciting.

Sunday morning worship on the green was extra special. Peter from Kick London gave his testimony which left everyone speechless. The atmosphere was so special. We felt that we were truly His disciples, taking the gospel to the people, just like Jesus did, when he roamed the earth.

Come and hear the good news! The kingdom of God is near. The harvest is plentiful, however the workers are few. Its time we started reaping the harvest.

Praise God for all his mercies.


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