Worship At St Winifred’s…

St Win’s is a warm and lively church with a mix of different worship styles. Traditional Anglican liturgy is complemented by contemporary music and a varied pattern of services. Each month, we offer two Holy Communion services, a shorter Morning Worship service and either a Family Worship or Parade service when we all worship together and there are no children’s groups.

Our Holy Communion services will be instantly familiar to seasoned Anglicans, whereas Family Worship and Parade services are much more informal and unscripted. We also offer prayer ministry at communion services. The breadth of worship at St Win’s reflects our attempt to welcome different people and make them feel at home. A gifted and versatile worship group also helps to this end.

On 5th Sundays and on other high days and holidays, we rotate round the parish and worship with our brothers and sisters from St Mary’s, Chigwell and All Saints’, Chigwell Row. Please see the home page for details. These services always begin at 10.30am.

To complement our morning worship, 2017 will also see the launch of our monthly evening service. Again, please see the home page for times and dates.  As a united parish, the service won’t always be held at St Win’s as we will be partnering with our sister churches, so please keep an eye out for the venue of each service.

All morning services begin at 11.15am unless otherwise stated. Please come along – we really look forward to meeting you and making you feel very welcome at St Win’s.